Cub Scouts Ceremony

A special thank you to our Cub Scout leaders and all the parents that volunteered their time to make this program a great success this year. It was certainly an educational experience for the students concerning this very worthwhile organization.

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Mrs. Diaz’s third grade class at Hudson School celebrated Cinco De Mayo by learning about the history of Mexico and the significance of the celebration. It was such an excellent experience for the students during this festive day.

May Calendar

Happy May!
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Cheers to our 2nd and 3rd grade students for participating in an ECO Fashion Show

Students utilized household recyclables as fashion pieces during the production. It was a very innovative and earth loving way to show their creativity, in addition to, expressing love for their planet. Congratulations to the staff, specifically Ms. Cepeda, Mrs. Gomez, Ms. Note, Mrs. Diaz and Ms. DeCongelio for their dedication to this very important presentation.

Let's Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22nd, Superintendent Silvia Abbato is asking to please join her in celebrating the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. This is an annual global event that reminds us to play an active role to help our planet thrive.

Dancing Through The Decades

Congratulations to Kindergarten Room 104 for an excellent production as they take us down memory lane with some classics from the 1950's to the present. Once again, an outstanding job by the staff and students with their effort during "Dancing Through The Decades".

April Calendar

Happy April!
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