North Hudson FireFighters Visit Hudson to Talk About Safety

The students at Hudson had special visitors from the North Hudson Regional Firefighters this week who came to talk about fire prevention and safety.  They talked to the students about the importance of smoke detectors and making sure the batteries are replaced twice a year. (preferably during Daylight Savings Times) The firefighters also showed off a fireman in full gear and explained the purpose and importance of the fireman's gear. These students got to see the Jaws of Life in action and how the fireman safe people.  
It was a day of information, fun, and gift of red fireman hats.  Thank you North Hudson Regional Firefighters for visiting and sharing your messages with the kids.
Principal Tamargo introducing two North Hudson Firefighters to students seated on the floor in front of stage     male firefighter talking to students seated on the floor about fire safety
male firefighter has his hand raised holding a smoke detector     firefighter dressed in full gear