Photo Album

children at a table doing an activity with colorful streamers
kids painting at a table with an adult volunteer
kids glueing styrofoam cups to paper plates and decorating it as a hat
two girls playing dominoes
boy decorating his paper hat next to a girl with teachers and volunteers around him
boy gluing colorful streamers to his paper plate
boy and girl seated at a table with ipads reading something as teachers and others in the background
boy glueing a blue pom pom to his hat
boy and girl seated next to each other at a table playing bingo
boy and girl seated next to each other at a table playing bingo
boy creating his cultural flag
boy stringing his pinata puppet
girl creating a pinata puppet
boy gluing pom poms to his plate next to a volunteer
boy with glasses using an ipod
boy playing with clay with a female volunteer
boy with glasses coloring his native flag
boy playing bingo
boy gluing streamers onto his plate
boy proudly showing off his pinata puppet and kite
girl gluing assorted colored beads
two boys gluing decorations onto their kite
three kids showing off their finished products of puppets and kites
Ms. Acinapura, female teacher and hudson school students
Hudson students seated in auditorium with their finished products
Supervisor Ana Valle addressing the students and teachers
Hudson students showing off their puppets and kites outside of Gilmore School Entrance